Van Heusen V Dot Commercial

V Dot was a commercial about premium clubwear, it was shot in Cape Town at a night club in Athlone. We where indoors for nearly 12 hours, smoke machines, loud music, lights coming from all angels and tight spaces where we were all getting in each others way, I must say it’s not easy shooting a club enviroment. When I say we had light coming form all angels, I mean it. My brief was, “not to disturb the commercial but to shoot while camera was rolling and these are the scenes we need ……………….. ” I knew I had my work cut out for me. In many scenes when you’ve set your camera perfectly and you’re ready to shoot a dancer would move out the way and you’d be blinded by the back lights. The pressure was on :), it was all about remaining calm and hope that in one of the takes, you would get the shot. As you know when that scene is over, there’s no coming back. I got all that was required and loads more. Being apart of the¬†commercial¬†was great.
John Abrahams was the lead in the commercial.



  1. love love love your work!

  2. Jenny Nelson

    Just love looking at your pictures, just amazing!

  3. Danielle Flockton

    Great great great!