Esther & Nicholas wedding at Bonamazi in Rawsonville

One of my favourite things about wedding photography is the feeling you get as you arrive – so many thoughts and emotions run through your mind as you prepare for another momentous occasion. Today would be no different.

I arrived to the desolate landscape of Bonamazi in Rawsonville for my first time and was greeted with a summer sun in full force and a horizon signed with rolling mountains. I enjoyed being in this desolate landscape and felt full of ideas to capture perfect moments of joy.

It’s important to work like a conductor of an orchestra – the real magic happens with the Bride & groom and their bridesmaids and groomsmen respectively; I just help to harmonise the emotion and capture their brilliance in evocative ways that will transport them back to that exact moment when they reflect on the pictures in one month; one year or one decade. Not only did we manage that, but we all had fun doing it.

This was a joyous occasion and I had a fantastic time working for Esther and Nicholas. Thank you for making my job so easy and allowing me to be a part of your special day.